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Marcel Hager
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Idea Description

Allow ways to schedule recurring maintenance tasks. We have teams (but not everyone) here that are currently using Microsoft CRM to track CIs, and I’d like to see them moved to Service Now, however one of the features that they rely heavily on is the ability to schedule recurring maintenance tasks that occur on specific schedules, and are related to certain CIs.

As an example, you may have a UPS, and you have a task to check the battery in the UPS every 60 days to ensure proper operation. The technician might not remember on their own (or the Assignment Group), but that battery MUST get checked. We would like to see a way, in Service Now, to set up schedules on which a Task or Request (not an Incident, as this per ITIL would not be a break/fix type of situation) would automatically be created, a template applied and assigned to a person or group automatically. This would allow us to properly capture the amount of preventative maintenance tasks that our teams do that currently goes unrecorded.


Business Case

This would allow our teams to become more proactive in maintenance tasks and not wait for items to fail. However because of human nature, and the amount of other work happening, without a way to generate tasks, people will tend to forget about these issues.

We’ve had major outages caused by my very example (someone not checking UPS batteries) that could have been avoided if someone was tasked with the job properly. And if we are tasking people with work, we should be recording all of that work in Service Now.

This would also allow us to more fully utilize Service Now and decommission CRM, as the schedule feature is one of the only things that keep us using it. This would save us cost from having yet another server in our environment. We want to be able to rely on Service Now as the single source for all of our maintenance tasks.


Use Case

A new schedule feature would allow us to do the following:

1. Create a schedule ranging from daily to yearly (and everything in between)

2. Associate the schedule to a Record Producer that is pre filled out with specific information, to include the CI to be checked and what group to assign the task to

3. The task is assigned to an individual or group, who then carries out the work

4. The task is completed and marked as such

5. Once the schedule comes around again, a NEW task is created for the same work, just at a different date/time

This will allow us to properly enumerate the tasks we are doing and not keep the same task open forever. Since the tasks will have a very simple “Did this get checked?” type of criteria for closing, we don’t want a single task being open forever.



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Jim Basa ServiceNow Customer
Coming in late.  Is there now a way for itil user to create their own schedule task or recurring tasks?
faheemah farooq ServiceNow Customer
Definitely NOT just admin users.  At LEAST Itil_admin users.
Thank you all for providing feedback. We are targeting the upcoming I release to include this functionality. If anyone is willing to provide additional feedback, I would be interested in knowing if you see this functionality useful for itil_admin users or purely admin users. Thanks!
Robin Popham ServiceNow Customer
We also do not want to have to use a third party tool to use as a scheduler.
Ion Staver ServiceNow Customer
Come on Service Now, this are basic features from the common sense list. Things like this should have been implemented back in the dinosaurs era!
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