Remove (or add toggle of) Incident/Task Query Restrictions

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Incidents in Express load with the following query business rule: If the user does not have the ITIL role, they will only see tasks/incidents that:

a. They are the Opened by user

b. They are on the Watch list

c. They are the Caller user (for incidents)

Although this is good for traditional self service of single users, it places limitations when end users (like managers, auditors, etc.) need to see all incidents by location, their team members, their company, etc. Proposed Solution: Offer a toggle to enable/disable this query business rule.


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Adam Rollings ServiceNow Customer
Did anything come of this, we'd a) like managers to be able to view tickets for their team.   We also have a display up on the helps desk that we'd like to show the incident overview so users when walking up can get an idea of how busy they are before int interrupting, ideally without using a licence,
@Priyanka Jain - This enhancement is currently targeted for our Jakarta release.
Priyanka Jain ServiceNow Customer
Is there any update on this particular feature.
An updated workaround as of G allows for users to be dynamically added to the watchlist: We are actively looking to offer control over this functionality for an upcoming release.
Keith Jones ServiceNow Customer
Adding my voice to this request. We would love to have dashboards available for department heads, with the ability to drill down to the data. Seems this limits us at this point unless we give them full ITIL roles rather than a modified role we created.
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