Mapping Variables to table fields (Catalog Items)

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Eric Stein
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Allow mapping of variables to table fields on a catalog item similar to how its done on a record producer


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Not sure how many of you will find this useful in your positions, but I was able to make a report that I could put on a homepage to bring the variables up front. This will at least allow me to see them without having to drill down into each item. Simply put: Create a List report on the Requested Items table and choose Variables from the field picker on the right and click on the +. This will open another window where you can pick the item (and then the variables you have set for that item) to display on the report list.  
Jon Wentz ServiceNow Customer
OK, got ahead of myself on that last post (not unusual) ... obviously business rules aren't going to work, because the data you're trying to take action on (when other than string type) is stuck in that variables "blob."
Jon Wentz ServiceNow Customer
I'm going to try the workaround, but the limitation of string field only will likely be onerous.   To fully implement would require business rules that evaluate the contents of any other types of fields you might want to capture, and the subsequent pasting of appropriate values into string fields that can then be mapped .. a quagmire requiring tons of time.
Jon Wentz ServiceNow Customer
I enthusiastically and adamantly add my vote to this one.   Conditional execution plans will be nice, but the ability to transfer variable data to the requested item record is key.   Otherwise, you can't report on this data, or display it in lists, etc.
Silvia Gal ServiceNow Customer
This workaround is not working for me. It's fills the requested item with the variable reference id.
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