Add option to make asset tag a unique field

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Created in Basic Setup 12

Add the field option to enforce unique values to be entered on the asset tag field.

Update: This has been added for the Istanbul release.


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Jay Muduli ServiceNow Customer
@darius , We have upgraded to Istanbul and i am trying to check that box but it gives wired error . New Unique index skipped: Requested columns (asset_tag) on table (cmdb) contain duplicate values. You must remove duplicate values and then try again.
Yan Womack ServiceNow Customer
Ok then, I will wait for Helsinki.
Hi Yan, If there are missing options it may be because you are still on Geneva, and what I am mentioning is for helsinki- sorry for any confusion. Please see a blog here:
Yan Womack ServiceNow Customer
Darius, I don't seem to see a "Unique Field" to drag to the form. Also I don't see a unique checkbox in table management as well. Too bad I can't add screenshots here...
Hi Yan,
  1. You need to drag and drop the 'unique field' from the Fields tab to the form.
  2. Go to Manage table -> Configuration Item
  3. Open the dictionary entry for Asset tag
  4. Check the Unique box and press save. To enable this, you cannot have duplicate values.
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