Streamline Service Delivery with Express Certified Integrations

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With the launch of Istanbul, Express customers can now easily and quickly install and start using use pre-built, ServiceNow-certified integrations from Technology Partners.

Express Certified Integrations undergo a comprehensive series of tests, reviews, and demos defined by  ServiceNow and executed by the Technology partner,  to ensure platform security, performance, and stability are persisted – meaning that customers can deploy faster, with fewer testing resources required.

ServiceNow Express Certified Integrations


The initial set of integrations, available exclusively on the ServiceNow Store,  address different business problem spaces:

  1. Time to resolution and customer satisfaction – help and service desk fulfillers can use Bomgar to launch a remote support session for servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices right from within an Express incident – this means faster time to resolution, happier requesters, and improved service quality overall.
  2. IT and network alert monitoring and Incident resolution – PagerDuty Incident Resolution for Express aggregates, correlates, and classifies alerts coming in from hundreds of operations tools to reduce alert noise and resolution time and improve IT operations and DevOps teams responsiveness and effectiveness
  3. Software Asset Management accuracy and effectiveness – Snow Software Asset Management integrated with the ServiceNow CMDB provides an up to date, accurate representation of the software assets within a company’s infrastructure and automates the population and maintenance of that information. This provides the service desk with richer ticket data enabling them to resolve issues faster. License information enables enriching ITFM tools to enable accurate billing to the appropriate business unit and increase the efficiency of software licenses by eliminating unnecessary purchases and reallocating unused licenses.
  4. Data Replication– Perspectium provides data replication as a service and enables bi-directional data streams between ServiceNow data and other applications such as MySQL, SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Workday and more
  5. Application Lifecycle Management – OpsHub allows you to integrate JIRA and other ALM tools with ServiceNow problem and change management.

Watch this brief How-To video to see how to get and install Express Certified Integrations. Note that your instance must be updated to Istanbul before you can install and use them.

Check out the ServiceNow Store for Express Certified Integrations and see how you can streamline service delivery faster and easier than ever before.

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