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Starting with Istanbul, Express customers will have the opportunity to self-select an earlier timeframe for upgrading to the next release. Were you one of the hundreds of attendees on our latest release webinar? Perhaps you learned about a great new feature, and you want to upgrade as soon as possible. Now you can. By opting to upgrade in an earlier window, you’ll be one of the first Express customers to gain access to those new and exciting features. All Express instances must be upgraded within an allotted amount of time, of course, but the new self-service dashboard gives you the option to skip the line.

So when can I upgrade?

Express customers may begin upgrading their instances to Istanbul starting January 30.

Where can I access the self-service dashboard?

Use the following link to log in to HI:

How do I schedule an upgrade?

  1. Log in to the HI Customer Service Portal and select Manage Instances.
HI Service Portal


  1. Locate the target instance and select Upgrade Instances in the Actions choice list. The Service Catalog opens to the Upgrade and Express Instance catalog form. The instance is selected for you.
Manage Instances


  1. Select the target version. This is the patch version you are upgrading to. Typically, there is only one patch target version that you can select. If your instance already upgraded to the current quarterly patch, no options are listed.
Select Target Version


  1. Enter or select the start date and time, which must be in the future.
Start Time and Date


  1. Click Submit.

Once you submit, a change request will open. Afterward, you’ll be able to edit certain details, and view all information about the scheduled upgrade. You can also continue to monitor the status of your upgrade request from the Customer Service Portal in HI.

What are you waiting for? The power of Istanbul is at your fingertips. Schedule your upgrade today.



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