ServiceNow Express Sandbox

The ServiceNow Express Sandbox is a full access instance of ServiceNow’s latest Express release – a place to learn, perform validation, test, and collaborate.

There are multiple Sandbox instances available around the clock. Each is refreshed every 24 hours, with all customizations deleted, returning the instance to its default state.

Administrative access is shared publicly by all community members. To demonstrate the full power of ServiceNow’s software, admin access is available in the Express Sandbox. Do not import sensitive data, as this is a shared environment, and the data would be visible by others. ServiceNow assumes no responsibility for data shared in this environment. Because of its open nature, support for the Public Sandbox environment is provided as a “best effort”, and the availability or performance of the environment cannot be guaranteed at any given time.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the Public Sandbox environment, e-mail

Access Sandbox

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