Problem closure and custom incident state field

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    As per our customer requirements, we had to create a custom state field on the incident form, in order to be able to add custom states. It works well and we can easily drive the OOTB state using BR. However when it comes to related problem closure, the incident OOTB state is being updated in the background and BR won’t trigger, which make it impossible to update the custom state to “Resolved”. As a result we have a resolved incident with custom state showing “Awaiting Problem”.

    Any recommendation?

    Thank you,


  • Maybe change your BR order to a higher value, like 999? So it runs after the automatic OOTB Problem BR?

  • Max

    Hi Jamie,

    I tried, but it is not working. As far as the Incident is updated in the background when the Problem is resolved, I believe that BR are not triggered on the Incident table.

  • Oh, you’re using the built-in Parent field.  I created my own reference fields to avoid these issues with being unable to control how the OOB Parent field works.

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