Execution Plans for other types of records

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  • I have some Configuration Item based tables I created as checklists.  What I’d like to do is have the daily CI record created automatically and attach a Catalog Task to it for each individual task.  Then when the Catalog Task is closed it will automatically mark it as complete on the parent checklist record.

    Could an Execution Plan be attached to a CI record to generate the Catalog Tasks?

  • Paul,

    If you are creating records automatically, why don’t you also create the related catalog tasks automatically? You can have a parent and child records all linked via templates and automatically applied via scheduled job. See: https://express.servicenow.com/support/setting-child-tasks-using-templates/

  • We aren’t on Istanbul yet, so we don’t have those features.  Also, according to that link these features force us into using the OOB Parent field, which I don’t want since we cannot control the functionality linked to that field.

    So back to my original question.  Can an Execution Plan be triggered by creation of a Configuration Item record, and create Catalog Tasks linked to it?  Or am I going to have to do it all with Web Services Business Rules, which is feasible but tedious.

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