Upgrade to ServiceNow ITSM

This guide provides detailed information about the upgrade from ServiceNow Express to ServiceNow IT Service Management

Start Here 12 articles

New to ServiceNow Express? Follow these topics in the order presented to learn about the Express platform, complete initial setup and configuration, and understand daily use.

Applications 106 articles

Get an overview and learn how to use Express apps.

Self-Service 60 articles

Learn about the Self-Service and Service Catalog options for users that transform IT support.

Navigate Express 35 articles

Understand the basics of using Express, such as working with lists and forms, and actions such as searching and filtering. Learn how to use features such as the homepages, Edge, and Navigator.

Basic Setup 142 articles

Learn how to set up, customize, configure, and tailor your Express instance.

Customize and Configure 81 articles

Take a deeper look at how to customize and configure applications. Learn about the optional features when you are ready to begin using them.

Advanced Features and Apps 97 articles

Go beyond the basics to extend the capability of the ServiceNow Express platform.

Release Notes 33 articles

Review the notes and details about the latest update of ServiceNow Express