Boost Confidence, Test in Non-Production

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You may have heard that, starting with the Istanbul release, ServiceNow Express customers will have the opportunity to purchase non-production instances.

So what is a “non-production” instance, exactly?

A non-production instance is a completely private environment with cloned down configurations from YOUR production instance. In short, it’s a safe place to test new features or modifications without the worry of negatively impacting live data.

Non-Production Instances


Why is this important?

Now you can test new configurations to ensure they are sound before moving to production. That means less breakings things, less complaints from technicians or customers, and more time to focus on the work that truly matters.

You’ll also be able to vet out family upgrades. Don’t let UI or feature updates throw off your team’s productivity. With non-production instances, your technicians can familiarize themselves with changes before operating in a higher-stakes live environment. During this testing, you’ll also get the chance to update any internal documentation you may have ahead of rolling out new configurations to your production instance.

All of this functionality is aimed at helping you do your job with more confidence, and more efficiently than before.

That’s great! How can I get a non-production instance?

Well, first things first—you have to be running on Istanbul in order to purchase and utilize non-production instances. Remember, you can elect to upgrade to Istanbul sooner than your scheduled window. For a refresher on that topic, visit this blog article.

Once your production instance is running on Istanbul, reach out to your sales representative to inquire about ordering a non-production instance. They can help get you set up with your new testing environment.

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